Which Fastrack Watch Should You Consider Under 1000 For Men?


You might be confused and excited to choose the most popular and top quality Fastrack watch with the budget under Rs. 1000 in India, isn't it? Well, I handpicked the best quality Fastrack watches under 1000 rupees for men that can be useful for both Formal and Casual attire. These models come with water resistance feature and beautifully designed quality. So let's see which models stands on the top 10 positions.

  • Fastrack 38019PP04J Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack Tees Analog Green Dial Unisex Watch – 38019PP03
  • Fastrack NG3114PP01C Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack 38019PP02J Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack 38021PP14 Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack 38019PP01J Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack NG3114PP03C Watch – For Men
  • Fastrack NG38003PP13J Watch - For Men
  • Fastrack 3116PP02 Watch - For Men
  • Fastrack 38018PP05 Watch - For Men
These watches are not just popular, they are made up of Genuine material with solid built quality and they are designed very well for this price range. I hope this list helps you find your desired Fastrack watch under 1000 rupees. 

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